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Wereldwijd | 16.09. - 22.09.2019

12th International Basic Income Week

Van: op 11 augustus 2019

Call for Participation for the  12th International Basic Income Week 2019 from 16th – 22th September

Everyone needs money to have an income to be able to live and work to our full potential. Employment is not a guarantee for a dependable income. People need a source of income they can count on – Unconditional Basic Income – UBI!
The means of basic income are already present, it ‘s Money, but it has to work for everyone, so

Money – let´s make it work for everyone

We invite activists around the world to contribute to our action Week for Unconditional Basic Income.
The Basic Income Week (BIW) is a week of participation around the globe and we need YOU to join us.
How can you get involved during International Basic Income Week?

  • organize an event
  • give a presentation on UBI
  • take part in coordinated social media action (like UBI banner display details to follow)
  • spread the news on social media [#basicincomeweek]

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