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Amsterdam | 19.09.2019


Van: op 12 september 2019

5 years ago Magali, the owner of Het Faire Oosten, started on a mission! She believed that fast fashion and cheap mass production were no longer possible. Not for the planet, but not for yourself either. She envisioned a place where fair-trade, sustainable, and local makers and suppliers could showcase their work and most importantly give them a platform to help share and spread their mission of IMPACT with the world.

This is how 'Het Faire Oosten' was born 5 years ago!

The vision of Het Faire Oosten was and still is to pursue people not to just shop and live sustainably but especially to become more curious, appreciative and aware towards the endless and evolving world of sustainability that is filled with constant innovations, creativity, craftsmanship and high quality products.

Luckily we have seen a fantastic increase of curiosity, appreciation and awareness amongst our ever growing community the past five years. To top it off even more, we have seen a constant increase in sustainable innovations worldwide and with the brands and makers we get to work with.

That is why we want to get together with YOU on this special day, because in the end this growth also would not have been possible without our continuously growing community of supporters - YES, YOU!!! - without you this milestone would not have been possible.


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Bijna iedereen voelt de crisis, ook wij bij Duurzaamnieuws. Een groot deel van onze inkomsten is weggevallen en we vallen buiten de steunmaatregelen. Toch gaan we door, want als dit voorbij is wordt een duurzame opbouw harder nodig dan ooit. Kun jij ons meehelpen om er doorheen te komen? Word dan lid, of help ons met een donatie. Dat kan hier.

Alvast bedankt - en blijf gezond!
Team Duurzaamnieuws