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Amsterdam | 04.09.2018

AMS Science for the City – From water to waste to product

Van: op 26 juli 2018

The next step of water recycling: how to upcycle waste-water into useable material?

On a daily basis, we use 130-160L water per house hold in the Netherlands. In order to clean and re-use this water in a sustainable way, our waste-water streams are being recycled in so called waste-water treatment plants. However, the waste streams of these treatment plants are still being digested or incinerated. In order to fully close the circular loop of our water management, we need to turn these waste streams into useable products. Researchers from AMS Institute and TU Delft will take us into the world of upcycling valuable raw materials, such as bio-composite and plastics from waste-water streams. What can we create from waste-water; and are citizens ready for such extensive upcycling processes: would you be willing to use a disposable fork or medicine made from waste streams?

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