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Groningen | 23.11.2016

Energy lecture: Urgency of Energy Transition by Marjan Minnesma (Urgenda)

Van: op 6 november 2016

Marjan Minnesma, managing director and co-founder of Urgenda Foundation won a court case against the state of The Netherlands forcing government to act on climate issues. She headed a much published 600 km march to the Paris Conference of 2015. Following up on the great success of her inspiring lecture for Energy Academy earlier this year, Minnesma will return to discuss the state of the matters little over one month after the European Union ratified the Paris Agreement. This time, she will focus on the urgency to act. In order to stay below the 1,5 degrees temperature rise, we need to move to 100% sustainable energy in 2030. The transition has to get in to acceleration mode. Great things are still possible, but there is no time to lose. Where do the main challenges lie? Where do we find the biggest opportunities? These are issues that she will elaborate on during her lecture today.

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