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Rotterdam | 20.02.2020

FutureTalks: Human v.s Nature #BlueCityin30years

Van: op 6 januari 2020

BlueCity aims to be a circular example city, since we believe the circular economy holds important answers to the climate crisis we are facing. Yet for many people it is hard to imagine what this implies. Also for who already works on circular economy, it is hard to imagine how these greener, more social and smarter cities look, feel and smell like in 30 years.

VR Artist Micah Westera and biodesigner from BlueCity Lab, Jamie Hornis create a VR installation that shows an artistic impression of a biodesigned future. In the coming months, four FutureTalks take place on the topics that Jamie and Micah like to philosophise about with others to get input for their design proces.

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