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Amsterdam | 13.02.2018

Het Nieuwe Klimaat – DAY ZERO

Van: op 2 februari 2018

How can a global city run out of water?

It is forbidden to wash cars, spray the lawn or fill the pool with drinking water. Farmers have to reduce their water consumption by 60 percent and citizens are not allowed to use more than 50 liters per day per person from the 1st of February (in the Netherlands the average use is 119 liters per person). Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, has announced severe water restrictions as the city, home to 4 million, is in the midst of the worst drought to hit South Africa in more than 100 years. Officials even started to count down to Day Zero, the day that the water supply could run dry, predicted to be April 12th. How can a global city run out of water?

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