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Landelijk | 21.06.2019

Slow Fashion Season 2019

Van: op 20 juni 2019

The fashion industry is responsible for enormous amounts of water consumption (32 million Olympic size swimming pools per year) and CO2 emissions (8% of global greenhouse emissions - and growing fast). If 10,000 people participate, we will save the equivalent of up to 300 million liters of water and 1 million kilograms of CO2 emissions.* Also, textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally, only after agriculture. Then there is the enormous waste creation (148 million tons by 2030) and land use (115 million hectares by 2030), and we haven’t even started on labour conditions yet...Enough numbers, time for action. Time for Slow Fashion Season!

The rules: you’re allowed to trade clothes and buy second-hand - just no new clothes. A great opportunity to get creative with the 80% of clothes that you never wear (if you’re anything like us).

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