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General Electric to Pursue Exit from New Coal

Van: op 22 september 2020

General Electric announced an intent to exit the new build coal power market and focus on developments in wind turbines and other renewable technologies.


EU’s brave vision still to be matched with bold action

Van: op 19 september 2020

Ursula von der Leyen’s first State of the Union address delivered a courageous and hopeful vision for a sustainable future of welfare and wellbeing. 


Governments copycat, not analyse, corona measures

Van: op 13 september 2020

Swedish scientists found that governments followed the lead of other countries in Covid-19 response rather than act on actual analysis of required measures.


Database reveals worst polluters in Europe

Van: op 12 september 2020

A new NGO database shows which facilities are playing by the rules. Italy emerges as the most transparent country, with Germany coming bottom of the league.


Microplastics to be EU environmental policy disaster

Van: op 3 september 2020

Powerful industrial polluters have secured loopholes in EU policy, including an exclusion for nano, the most dangerous form of microplastic.


Your pension is safe without fossil investments

Van: op 1 september 2020

Investments in fossil fuels are not needed for the financial performance of pension funds. Divestment has no negative impact on yields.


Fruit peel can turn old batteries into new

Van: op 30 augustus 2020

Singapore scientists extracted and reused precious metals from spent lithium-ion batteries. Using fruit peel waste they were able to create new batteries.


How the Pandemic Can Revolutionize Climate Policy

Van: op 29 augustus 2020

As with the ongoing global fight against the coronavirus pandemic, our best hope for tackling the climate crisis may instead lie with systems science.


Revolutionary airplane uses 80% less fuel

Van: op 28 augustus 2020

The Celera 500L is the most fuel-efficient passenger aircraft in the world. It flies at 20% of the fuel consumption of comparable aircraft. 


Norwegian economy is only 2.4% circular

Van: op 27 augustus 2020

The report finds that that the Norwegian economy is only 2.4% circular. 97.6% of materials consumed each year never make it back into the Norwegian economy.


Greening Sovereign-Debt Restructuring

Van: op 23 augustus 2020

The World Bank estimates that as many as 100 million people could fall into extreme poverty as a direct result of the corona crisis.


Are AeroNabs a major breakthrough in fighting Covid-19?

Van: op 22 augustus 2020

UC San Francisco scientists have devised a novel approach to halting the spread of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the disease: AeroNabs.


The sun is setting on unsustainable long-haul, short-stay tourism 

Van: op 20 augustus 2020

The tourism rebuild must negotiate a delicate balance between immediate recovery and long term sustainability.


Hydrogen supercar goes 1000 miles on a single tank.

Van: op 13 augustus 2020

The Hyperion XP- utilizes an advanced hydrogen-fueled propulsion system with a range of 1000 miles on 1 tank of compressed hydrogen.


Understanding why trees are dying may be key to locking up carbon

Van: op 9 augustus 2020

Higher mortality rates of trees may begin to outweigh the capacity of remaining and new trees to maintain the carbon uptake at the same level.