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Amsterdam | 28.02.2020

Sustainable solutions: Plastics

Van: op 17 februari 2020

(In collaboration with the Faculty of Science)

In times of climate change and ecological crisis we often think and speak about problems. Meanwhile, scientists are working on solutions for a more sustainable future. In a new series of events we shed light on their exciting work-in-progress. This afternoon we start off with plastics.

Our society has a serious plastics problem. Long held in high regard as a cheap, practical and modern material, we are now starting to see the downsides of our plastic addiction. Remnants of plastics are polluting the oceans and other parts of the environment, endangering wildlife. At the same time, with the world oil reserves running out, we are running out of the raw material plastics are made of. At the University of Amsterdam, scientists from a broad range of fields are working on solutions for a more sustainable future – including solutions for the plastic problem. These solutions include novel ways of raising awareness, but also the development of new types of plastic from sustainable source materials and improved techniques for re-use and recycling. During this event we gain insight in scientific developments and discuss how we, as a society, can tackle environmental challenges.

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