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Amsterdam | 17.09.2019

True Price – The true price of fashion

Van: op 5 september 2019

About real price tags and what that means for consumers & the fashion industry.

Is a € 5,99 for a t-shirt too cheap? Or a € 150 jeans too expensive? An increasing number of consumers wants to know more about the product they purchase while companies, civil society organisations and governments aim to reduce costs for people and the planet.

However, in the production of fashion there are many hidden costs that are not part of the price tag but are paid nonetheless – for instance by local communities (scarce water use and water pollution), by future generations (climate change) or by employees (poor working conditions, child labour and underpayment). In this context it was recently estimated that the true price gap – the additional environmental and social costs for society, on top of the purchasing price – of jeans are on average € 33. At the same time, the prevailing opinion is that we cannot pass the bill on to people with low incomes or farmers at the beginning of the fashion value chain.

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