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Amsterdam | 26.02.2020

Vonk-avond: PTThee

Van: op 3 februari 2020

How can ptthee share their unique story? Join our entrepreneurial brainstorm session during the next VONK evening. During VONK we give the stage to a sustainable start-up. Together with the audience we brainstorm about a concrete challenge this start-up is facing. This way students, young-professionals and experts meet at VONK and can create valuable input for the start-up together.

Ptthee is on a mission to have a positive impact on biodiversity, whilst creating high-quality tea. Daan van Diepen and Matthijs Westerwoudt work together with Dutch organic farmers. They grow their herbal mixtures on the unused edges of the fields and meadows of the farmers. Creating space for, for example, bees and butterflies. This way, together with farmers, ptthee contributes to restoring biodiversity in the Netherlands.

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