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Amsterdam | 11.12.2019

Vonk-avond: ReBlend

Van: op 8 december 2019

During VONK we give the stage to a sustainable start-up. Together with the audience we brainstorm about a concrete challenge this start-up is facing. This way students, young-professionals and experts meet at VONK and can create valuable input for the start-up together.

This VONK edition we will discuss a challenge that start-up ReBlend is currently facing. ReBlend is a social enterprise with a mission to raise awareness about the ecological impact of the textile industry and to inspire the use of renewable raw materials. To offer a solution ReBlend develops and sells a range of textiles and textile products made from end-of-life textiles that otherwise end up in incineration. The textiles made from recycled fibres are a positive alternative for the conscious consumer, to replace the regular products that people are used to.

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