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GRI is launching a Business Leadership Forum on corporate reporting as a driver for achieving the SDGs. This forum is to commence in March.

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More than 30 world leaders expressed their firm support for climate adaptation action at the international online Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS) 2021, hosted by the Netherlands. During the high-level opening, various concrete initiatives and enhanced ambitions from governments, development banks, institutions and cities were launched to drastically enhance climate adaptation worldwide during the coming decade. […]

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A Norwegian firm for technical and safety certificates for Russia's gas pipeline to Germany has abandoned the project due to US sanctions.


The COVID-19 pandemic will be yet another powerful catalyst to increase the financialisation and the power of Big Tech companies. Research on the business models of Alphabet (Google), Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Alibaba and Tencent shows how the 2008 financial crisis already accelerated the trend towards market consolidation. The present crisis is likely to do […]

Massive consumer demand must not cost Amazon staff their health and safety, Amnesty International warned in a new report.

The EU Parliament is headquartered in the French city of Strasbourg, but it has also offices in Luxembourg as well as Brussels

At the start of the German presidency of the EU Council it committed itself to a "fair taxation" agenda. But time is running out.

Europe will breathe a sigh of relief if Donald Trump vacates the White House. But what would Joe Biden bring as president of the USA?

Swedish scientists found that governments followed the lead of other countries in Covid-19 response rather than act on actual analysis of required measures.

The Hyperion XP- utilizes an advanced hydrogen-fueled propulsion system with a range of 1000 miles on 1 tank of compressed hydrogen.

Higher mortality rates of trees may begin to outweigh the capacity of remaining and new trees to maintain the carbon uptake at the same level.

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